Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ok, guys I have been under a lot of stress and emotional burden dealing with a recent tragedy in the family so I have not been able to work let alone paint for the blog. I do not think this should keep me from providing well established content, so I have come to a compromise that will hopefully balance things out.
Some of you may know of Nicholas Kay, if not let me give you a lil' reference.
Nicholas started using Photoshop around 2001 and professionally as an artist in 2007. Last year he obtained a MA in Game Design.
His original style consisted of heavy line art, but he has experimented with different styles.
He has worked for
  • 40K Radio

  • Alderac Entertainment Group

  • Bell of Lost Souls

  • BySwarm

  • Dark Art Miniatures

  • Disney

  • Electronic Gaming Monthly

  • Fantasy Flight Games

  • Game Night Productions

  • Lone Shark Games Inc.


  • Neverstop

  • Paizo Publishing

  • Pixar

  • Qubop Inc.

  • Say Design

  • Sephora
  • The Creative Group
Most importantly though Nicholas is bringing his knowledge and experience to any one who is interested by sharing tips and demonstrations through livestream sessions, which he then posts to youtube. 
I have not been able to attend one of his livestreams yet, but I will soon. Allow me to share a few with you now:
 Also be sure to look at his other work you can visit  his website:
Thank you for viewing and hopefully I don't lose too many viewers to Nick, peace out, word to your mother and other outdated ways of saying goodbye.

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