About me.

My name is Nelson Tipsword.
I am a freelance artist living in a small town in Illinois.
I'm 24 years of age, and I'm known for making bad hairstyle choices and infrequently shaving.
I have many hobbies and I love trying new things, but the thing I love the most, besides my otters, is painting.

I own and run a small business with two of my good friends and live in an apartment with with pregnant wife. As you may have noticed form my pic. I have an eye without a shell. It is just the retina. I cannot see out of this eye and as a result I have no depth perception. I live in a small town in Illinois. There are fields a plenty of which I curse.
I like to be pseudo-philosophical, I love to have interesting and meaningful conversations. I also like to act like a complete idiot.

I have never had any formal art training. I'm all self taught, though I would love to attend The Art Department an online school for game design and entertainment.

I play lots of x-box games (gamertag=RobOnelson if you wanna play with me sometime) I also play board games and PC games although I really only stick to RPGs and Strategy games.
I love music, literature, and the night.

You can contact me by emailing E80Apparel@gmail.com

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