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I just wanna take a little bit of time to explain the process of what will happen when you hire me to do a commission.
1st off you will have to contact me; cause I'm pretty sure that's how this works.
2nd when initially describing your concept be a literal as you can, specifics are awesome. Vagueness is cool if you don't really have anything in mind, but if you are looking for something specific... then be specific. also keep in mind I'm an artist so I will take certain liberties in the design, if you think something absolutely had to be done your way then please do it yourself. Trust me I've been doing this along time I know when things look good and when things look like bargain store art.
3rd the creation process is tricky after we nail out what you want I will begin my work on creating the painting. this is the longest process. The time it will take me is dependent on how complex and large the piece is. Most of my cartoons at a size of 8x10 will take 7 hours total.
4th I will send you a low resolution copy to make sure this is what you want.
5th upon approval I will either email you the full resolution image or I will print and/or frame your painting and mail it to you for you to admire until you neglect your loved ones, get fired from your job, and/or die of old age/starvation/brain hemorrhage caused by awesomeness.


Contact me at
Tell me what you want and in what style, if you are not sure what style you would like you can use one of my paintings as a reference.
Tell me how large you would want it. The sizes that are best are:

I start at $10/hr which isn't bad at all. 
Other fees:
If you are wanting extra \ prints of the item prices start at +$3 per print. 

If you would like me to frame it I charge for that as well and I do not have set prices on those.. 
For anything over $100 shipping is free.
I may or may not update this later.


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