Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Nelson and Garrett Super STOOPID Sketchshow.

It's that time again peoples. Yeah that's right another sketchshow. This time will be different as my partner in awesome Garrett Zientara will be co-hosting. He's no artist, but he makes everything awesome.

Now there are a couple of things different this time.
1) Garrett, but you already know about that.
2) I have switched to
3) There will be some latency issues so you gotta be a little bit more patient for me to respond.
4) FREE PRINTS!!! Well, kinda, I haven't worked this out fully yet, but I will explain how that will be during the livestream.
5) There is a baby!!!!! Yeah it's really awkward when no one knows you have fathered a child and they hear blabbering in the background. So I warn you now she is very talkative and you will hear her "talking" in the background. Also I may have to step away and change a butt or two, make a bottle or something else so whatevs...
6) New computer!!! This means better quality drawings! Less compression and faster painting!
7) I'm working on doing some guest artist shit, but you'll have to see what comes of that.


All you have to do is go there and watch, you can also watch any previous videos I have done as well.
I think this covers it all, but I'm not sure so I may update this later peace.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The various tasks that keep me busy.

I love owning a business (sarcasm). Sure it has it's upsides, but it also makes me want to pluck out my remaining eye and  become a blind monk. I have been trying to finish the last book of A Song of Fire and Ice as well, at least that is going well. I can't seem to put it down.

I digress, there is a large snow storm in my area so I could not get out to the studio to get on my comp there and upload some stuff, but I still have something to share with you guys:

This is a clips video... sorry for the dub wubs.. I was listening to a youtube channel called Going Quantum and my forgot to turn off the audio recorder on my screen capture software. For the best viewing experience watch it in 1080HD and you might also want to turn down the volume on your headphones or speakers.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh my god! What have I done?

So I went ahead and created a Facebook page primarily for this blog, which sounds stupid at first but I wanted to go over what reasons led me to do this.

  1. A lot of the views I get, around 30%, come from face book so I want to provide easier integration.
  2. I can promote a lot more with a Facebook page.
  3. Interaction, people don't interact here on my blog enough and hopefully they will do so more on Facebook.
  4. I plan on doing some give aways, contests something like that and it will be so much easier on Facebook.
I'll go ahead and tell you that there will be some exclusive content just for Facebook. The content may be worth heading over to Facebook, but it's not really going to tips the scales of balance or anything.
There will be coupons and deals for art on my blog and like a said giveaways and prizes.

Thanks for viewing you are most likely an awesome person and should be flogged... wait you should NOT be flogged.

So please check out the Facebook page:

Friday, January 4, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday, I have turned 25.
Damn, I'm getting old.
I had a very enjoyable day and too some time to do a little personal
I love batman. i'm not a hardcore fanboy, I'm hardly a fanboy about anything, to me it just kills the enjoyment of that something. I sketched up a drawing as I watched the Christopher Nolan trilogy, originally it was just Batman in a goofy pose, leaping or skipping

I had thought about putting him in a field of flowers or holding up a cute puppy or kitty, but then I thought, what if he was saving me? 
'cause explosions are awesome. everybody like explosions right?

To be honest I this is not the best piece of art, it was quick and I experimented with a lot of brushes in photoshop that I am not familiar with. It could be better. I don't really care, it was for me and it makes me smile. I decided at the proposal from my wife to post it to
Good Idea. I am a redditor, I have posted other things there, and I frequent r/redditgetsdrawn.
I also subscribe to r/batman. So I decided to post it there, seemed like a good idea.
at the time of this writing It has 3 upvotes and 4 downvotes. Some people have seemed to like this, others not so much.
I'm not trying to a butthurt about this.
I'm simply trying to understand why people feel the necessity to downvote, maybe they thought I was karma-whoring, it was a fake or something, don't know.

I want this to be an example to others about this kind of logistic to posting online. If you are an artist new to the game or even professional be careful when post your artwork. you never know how people will react. Take every action and reaction with a grain of salt.
If there is appropriate criticism do not blow it off gain as much knowledge form it as you can, and if people are just being asshats ignore them.Like a fellow redditor told me "If they don't like it, hey, it's their loss - that's how I see it, anyways. They don't really matter anyways"

You can let something like this stop you in your tracks or you can go whatevs and keep on working, the sole thing that destroys the will of an artist is negative feedback. Remember why you create. In my case this picture makes me smile, it was incredibly fun to create and for that's how it is for every painting. Proceed, evolve, get better, be better, let nothing stop. Have the will to let no one undermine your prosperity. I wish you all the best for 2013. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Coloring Book???

Hello all, I was browsing deviant art the other day and came across this illustration by Babsdraws:

I really loved this image and wondered what it would look like in color so I decided to give a go at coloring it. Make sure you check out the original artist at:

Now here is my rendition of the piece:

Let me be clear I do not think that my image is better than the original artist, or that I am a better artist. I just wanted to recreate this in color.