Friday, November 30, 2012


So I have tried to upload this pic about 15 times now and every time there has been parts that are corrupted, which is frustrating me. Nonetheless I decided just to post this anyway, since the problem areas are not overwhelming.
        I have the idea that painting images is a great way to figure out how people structure their painting. This method can also teach the person doing the study a great deal about how they themselves paint. This is my attempt I found this really gorgeous painting on while browsing through a sketchbook, unfortunately firefox crashed on me and I lost to whom the painting belonged to, but after a little searching I found out who the original belongs to.
       Viktor Fetsch is his name and Oh Lawdy! is he amazing. 

Here is his version (above), I think I got it pretty good and close to his likeness. Though I wanted to see about leaning towards warmer colors. I don't know how well I did that, I was really pushing my colors towards the hue of Viktor's at some times so I screwed up, but hopefully I worked those areas out so that you can't tell.
Check out more of Viktor Fetsch's work, this is not a request, do it.
and if you want to follow him on twitter he's @ViktorFetsch
Thank you for viewing!!!

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