Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heyo, Everybody.
           My leg just fell asleep and it hurts a lil' bit. Anyways I have some news. I will be taking on commissions. Also I will be selling prints! Yay! I will be creating a new page of my blog were I will set up a pay-pal shop where you can order prints of my art in various sizes with or without frames on a variety of paper and even on canvas. I will not be posting high resolution pics of my art work. If i do that means I am giving it to you for free so that you can print it out, or save the file as a jpeg go to your local printer and have a nice print to frame and hang up. Each print you purchase from me will be signed and numbered I also like to send out personalized items. First 10 commissions will get their print for free. This means you will only pay for the time it takes me to complete the piece, if you would like the file to save and print yourself of course there would be no charge, but if you would like me to print and frame it for you. You only have to pay for the initial art work and frame. Print, shipping, and handling are free.
           Fore more information look to the pages I will be creating they will be entiltled store, or shop something like that I think you can get it you are after all very smart, and attractive, you have no body odor and have a great personality.... did I over do it with the compliments?
         I will also be creating another page with information on how to order a commission.
Thanks in advance, i hope you guys love my art enough to order some prints. Any questions feel free to email me at e80apparel@gmail.com.

Monday, June 11, 2012

 The paintings you are about to see are about 6 years old. I believe I only had Corel Painter Essentials. they have pretty crappy resolution and I used the just add water and real oil blender way too much, nut eh whatevs.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Here is an insanely cute portrait of a pitbull puppy. Notice it is insanely cute.

Nude Study

I said there would be nudes, and I do not disappoint. I planned on making this a speed painting video, but I spaced out and forgot to hit record. This was done in Painter 12 and took aprox. 4 hours. I used the Blender Palette Knife, Basic Round initially to lay in colors, A grainy blender although I could have done without it, Scratch-board tool, primarily I used the Real oils soft wet, a smeary flat, and tapered flat. I like how using the combinations of the palette knife, tapered flat and real oils soft wet brushes make this digital painting look like an oil painting. I'm still unsure of how to fully render this piece if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it and look at the details in the face you will notice some geometric shapes. I could not find a suitable way to blend or render better transitions. I tried just using the oil brushes, then i tried using the scratch-board tool, however none of the had the desired effect I was looking for.