Friday, July 6, 2012


I was sitting sketching a spine suffering from severe scoliosis. I do this a lot, and it occurred to me that I don't draw or paint enough of the body twisting on it's axis. So I entered Corel Painter 12 and started sketching out some bodies twisting. Unfortunately my limited skills prevented me from doing something dramatic (correctly). So for the actual painting I settled on a much simpler form (as you can see above). As you may have noticed as I say this a lot, "and one thing led to another". I began to add different elements; first starting with the horns (I have no idea why, but I love to draw horns on people, it adds this totally cliche other-worldly essence), then I dissected the piece that is floating off to the left (in hindsight it probably would look better if a had finished the body then moved the section, but you paint and learn), next I played with a bunch of different stripping, some using white or black lines with angles then some scrubby grungy type textures. then I had the idea of doing the colored lines you see above. I liked the colors initially, but something was off. I decided they looked too clean. So I had the idea of making them look like I had taped over the painting and painted in the lines that way, but as if I did a shitty job with it. I messed around with painter for awhile and found that I didn't like any effect I was getting with the brushes on there so I hid every layer except for what the lines were on saved it as a .png and opened it up in photoshop (every time I save something and open it in photoshop it bums me the fuck out just because my computer is not powerful enough to run both programs adequately, so I have to save and close Corel then open photoshop and I'm impatient) I basically use a textured eraser with an opacity set to 45% changing the brush textures every once in a while so that there weren't any obvious visual redundancies. I saved that opened it in Corel, pasted it and added the text. There you have it, A very simplified explanation of how I went about doing this piece. I hope you like it. I notice that it is incomplete, but I needed to get some sort of finished example done so that I wasn't worrying to much about the lady and forgot where I was going with the entire peice, I plan on going back to it later this week and rendering it completely fixing mistakes and making it a well polished piece. In an effort to get more interaction with my blog and it's viewers I will be offering a free 11"x14" framed print of this piece of art for free to a random person. The thing is for me to select someone you gotta comment and leave your name and e-mail or subscribe. Awesome right! You bet your sweet cinnamon rolls it is! this will also be a limited edition print which the winner will receive the first print out of 150.
In other news:
I have been wanting to make another video for awhile now. I have the technology I can make them better faster, with more resolution than before, only thing is. WHAT AM I GONNA DOOO!
Leave a comment and suggest something that you would like to see. Anything that your wonderful brain could imagine I will try my hardest to do!
As always thank you for viewing my blog I hope you found it entertaining and for all you artists out there teaching yourselves I hope you keep at it and evolve with me.    

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