Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A lil' bit of my life.

  This is a picture of my freind and business partner Garrett Zientara. Behind him is an unfinished mural i am doing for The Factory Arts Studios in Sullivan, Illinois.

This is Ashley Rentfro, she is a studio artist of The Factory and she is pretty ill. Not like unwell, but like rad or dope..... do people still day these things?
Just kidding. This guy.. he is great. He is also a studio artist at The Factory, as well as an art teacher for a local college, and the drummer for an Indie band called "The Decals". He also enjoys PBR. Haha, I wish I was making this up. In any case he's a terrifically swell guy. Funny (as per the pic demonstrates) and really talented. http://www.mbencohan.com/
 This guy> Known him for 10 years traveled for months being a hobo with him. he no doubt deserves some face time.
 This dorky lookn' chick is Megan Netherton. I went to high school with her. Now my photos look like the dry, cracking wrinkling, bedsore ridden ass of an elderly gentleman. But hers... lets just say they are the cat's pajamas. You should really check her out. 
 This creepy, creppy sculpture was made by John McDevitt of Yellow Dog Studio also from The Factory. I think he has some issues. Seriously, John is not a sculptor by trade he's a craftsman refurbishing and re-purposing old wood from barns, old houses, fences... other stuff that wood is made out of. He too is of the ill-est breed. Man I really need to get some new phrases.  Check out his website:   
 this is another picture of Garrett... he's by a old elevator lift lookn' all mysterious n' shit.... yeah I'm probably pretty gay...

 STEAK NIGHT!!!!!!! this is me (on the left) with another friend/business partner. Andrew. Here we are being Manly Men Goddammit! Eating large steaks and hearty chucks of full wheat bread drink beer and a little bit of jack.
 F-YA!!! Heres is a Monster energy drink can exploderating! Andrew shot this at about 25ft. it took him three tries. It's good enough.
 First time up this was the first 8-round clip I shot at 13 yards. ignore the awkward bullet hole randomly outside of the
 Garrett and Andrew  looking at ammo or something... I seriously don't know what they are doing.
 Garrett... there is a gun in his hand... so yeah that pretty much sums up this photo.
 The overcastness of the day was quite lucid.
 This.... this i don't even know what to say. This is Andrew. This is Andrew shooting a gun.... in a leather jacket.... with ridiculous.. goddam ridiculous hair. seriously he is my friend and all, but DA FUQ?
 This is me: I am yelling random phrases at the top of my lungs like "No thos are my skittles!", "Seannaners for president!" and "You can haz my gun. BULLETS FIERST!!!" Yes, I am also suffering from brain damage.
 This is a cool deep emotional picture that I took of Garrett in his hoodie. it says here I am a man standing against the world block light from your view. It also says I'm pretty gay for taking this.
 Old fire truck that is all...
 This is Champ. champ is owned by a young man we met in Benton, Illinois. He was in a park under a pavilion, chilln' out relaxin' all cool. Only unlike other patrons of the park Champ and his human friend Jerry Micheal King had come all the way from California by way of bicycle and cart. As the day progressed me, my wife, and her Aunt and Grandmother became more acquainted to the reasons why this young man would trek so far. It all started 6 months ago when Micheal's (as he prefers to be called) girlfriend was found in bed with his brother. Soap drama shit I know. So what does he do. The only fucking sensible thing a man could do. He said goodbye with a heartfelt gesture of "flipping the bird" and started out the next day. When Micheal arrived in a small town some states away he came across work for a woman at her farm. It was there that Micheal adopted Champ for his services as a farm hand and they have been inseparable from then on.   

After that great encounter on the ride back north me and my wife spotted this old church. Pictures was a must. 
 Driving in the car snapping pics.

 My wife and her family call these seed droplings helis short for helicopters. Yes, she is weird.


  1. !!! I wish we could have been friends growing up....I so do.

  2. Wshat calurbur was tghat

  3. Nelson is one of (if not the) greatest men/man I ever met.