Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some crap.

 DERP RIDER!: I did this one, because I had nothing else to do and felt like being silly, plus I had been watching this atrocity just for some background noise.
I don't know where this came from it was just in my WIP folder saved as a .riff
 The Windango:
I hope this is spelled correctly. In some native american folklore there is a spirit with the head of an elk who protects nature and avenges her from any wrong doings. I had this picture in one of my files and just ran with it.
P.S. ~ I luvs the silhouette.
 Dum Dum:
I have a fascination with weird creatures and Drew this one on top of another photo in photoshop.
 Mad Scientist. This was a 10-minute sketch i did in a live stream over skype. It is a very much more handsome version of me as an evil scientist/inventor.
 Uh.. wut?:
 This is a doodle of my friend Garrett. He didn't have a facebook profile pic so i said I'd make one for him and since every picture I have ever seen of him he is looking stupid as shit I drew him with that expression.

This is a traditional oil painting on a wooden oval block that i did just to spruce up my apartment. I have now decided to turn this into a series so expect more of these guys.

These photos are pictures I took at night. Pretty much all I did was set up a long exposure and pretend to have a seizure. It was a massive amount of fun and not hard to do.

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