Thursday, May 24, 2012

 I'm so very excited to be starting a blog focusing on my art work. First and foremost I should explain somethings:
I am still learning and the better half of this blog will be dedicated to just that. I am very open to criticism as long as your remarks are not just plain rude.
There will be nudity, oh yes there will be nudity.
Time to time I see a sketch or a painting and I think to myself " Hmm I wonder what i could do with that", so I see what I can do with the picture whether it be trying to find out how the original artist has completed it, or I just want to try different lighting or colors schemes, etc. This is in no way a task of arrogance, one that would lead me to believe i am better, or can do better than the original artist. It is part of my learning process and as I respect all artists I will give credit where credit is due.

Now onto the artworks:
Ihe first two are some cartoon style drawings of a girl with a ghost which I did in painter, the second one I did the background in Photoshop and I think they turned out very well. they are not completely Finished I still need to finish the hair, touch up the ghost maybe put some more background elements in the first one and I had toyed with the idea of having the girl have some tattoos. You will come to know I love tats.
              I was messing a round with the next image I found on deviant art (check out the artist here this is something I do when I'm bored or want to test something and don't want to sketch and scan stuff in. I did this in Photoshop and I must say I don't get how people can create such amazing works with that program. the next three pics are WIPs of a portrait I am doing. yes it's a large breasted chick with chest tats and rad punk hair. I will be posting a video of the process when I'm done. this is done entirely in painter.


  1. what's the difference between the last two?

  2. To be honest none whatsoever, I have no idea why there are two.