Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Nelson and Garrett Super STOOPID Sketchshow.

It's that time again peoples. Yeah that's right another sketchshow. This time will be different as my partner in awesome Garrett Zientara will be co-hosting. He's no artist, but he makes everything awesome.

Now there are a couple of things different this time.
1) Garrett, but you already know about that.
2) I have switched to
3) There will be some latency issues so you gotta be a little bit more patient for me to respond.
4) FREE PRINTS!!! Well, kinda, I haven't worked this out fully yet, but I will explain how that will be during the livestream.
5) There is a baby!!!!! Yeah it's really awkward when no one knows you have fathered a child and they hear blabbering in the background. So I warn you now she is very talkative and you will hear her "talking" in the background. Also I may have to step away and change a butt or two, make a bottle or something else so whatevs...
6) New computer!!! This means better quality drawings! Less compression and faster painting!
7) I'm working on doing some guest artist shit, but you'll have to see what comes of that.


All you have to do is go there and watch, you can also watch any previous videos I have done as well.
I think this covers it all, but I'm not sure so I may update this later peace.

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