Friday, January 4, 2013


Yesterday was my birthday, I have turned 25.
Damn, I'm getting old.
I had a very enjoyable day and too some time to do a little personal
I love batman. i'm not a hardcore fanboy, I'm hardly a fanboy about anything, to me it just kills the enjoyment of that something. I sketched up a drawing as I watched the Christopher Nolan trilogy, originally it was just Batman in a goofy pose, leaping or skipping

I had thought about putting him in a field of flowers or holding up a cute puppy or kitty, but then I thought, what if he was saving me? 
'cause explosions are awesome. everybody like explosions right?

To be honest I this is not the best piece of art, it was quick and I experimented with a lot of brushes in photoshop that I am not familiar with. It could be better. I don't really care, it was for me and it makes me smile. I decided at the proposal from my wife to post it to
Good Idea. I am a redditor, I have posted other things there, and I frequent r/redditgetsdrawn.
I also subscribe to r/batman. So I decided to post it there, seemed like a good idea.
at the time of this writing It has 3 upvotes and 4 downvotes. Some people have seemed to like this, others not so much.
I'm not trying to a butthurt about this.
I'm simply trying to understand why people feel the necessity to downvote, maybe they thought I was karma-whoring, it was a fake or something, don't know.

I want this to be an example to others about this kind of logistic to posting online. If you are an artist new to the game or even professional be careful when post your artwork. you never know how people will react. Take every action and reaction with a grain of salt.
If there is appropriate criticism do not blow it off gain as much knowledge form it as you can, and if people are just being asshats ignore them.Like a fellow redditor told me "If they don't like it, hey, it's their loss - that's how I see it, anyways. They don't really matter anyways"

You can let something like this stop you in your tracks or you can go whatevs and keep on working, the sole thing that destroys the will of an artist is negative feedback. Remember why you create. In my case this picture makes me smile, it was incredibly fun to create and for that's how it is for every painting. Proceed, evolve, get better, be better, let nothing stop. Have the will to let no one undermine your prosperity. I wish you all the best for 2013. 

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