Saturday, October 20, 2012


This right here is the culmination of dedication, perseverance, and imagination.

This is a piece that I am currently working on. It is a piece that i am recreating from a mural I did about a year ago up at The Factory Arts Studios. It's one of my favorites so far and rightly so. It measures at about 45 by 58 inches.
Admittedly this is just a teaser, because I have gotten further in the process than what is shown above, but I wanted to show a simple start of the painting first. I plan on uploading a comprehensive walk-through on how this painting came to be later this month, keep checking in and I'll provide you with more content until then!
On another note this will also be a print available in my shop. There will be two version one will be a regular version with the usual options (standard, archive, canvas); the second option will be a highly archival museum quality print on dense weight paper or canvas but limited to 25 or so prints. Each will be numbered and hand autographed by me.

If I may take a moment I would like to thank all those who have looked at my blog (even in passing), have hired me for a commission, or have bought a print from my shop. It really means a lot to me. Seriously.
I have work, then I have this. While my work is constructed around art, it can be tedious and mind numbing, but when I get to make art for myself it is kind of like when you walk hoe from school and when you get home you take off that ridiculously heavy back pack and park your ass on the couch and chill out to some after school Tom & Jerry.
For every person that gives me money or supports my blog by sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc; you give me a lil' more enjoyment in life and that is never a thing to be granted.
Make sure you come back real soon I'll be posting a High res painting you can download (or just right click> save as) and print off at home then hang on your wall.
Word to your mother.

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