Monday, June 25, 2012

Lil' Demonstration

 Step 1: Random lines! That's actually not very far off. I start off with very loose line drawings  to compose the gesture, then I tighten it up a bit when I find a pose that I like. I start to draw the shapes of the limbs more proportional to each other, the head in the right angle and the position and shape of the eyes; the underside, the tip and the nostrils of the nose, and the contours of the lips are all in the appropriate angle and position according to the placement of the head. This probably took me the longest to do. Although I do enjoy this part of sketching the most, some times it gets frustrating even when I have a reference. 
 Step 2: BOOBIES!!! Just kidding, but there are boobies just look at 'em. this is where I lay down my first blocks of color then I switch from a basic brush to a real oils smeary and drop the re-saturation down to about 17% then I add in ambient light and the reflected light. I want to clarify that when I say ambient light I mean light that is not distributed from my direct or main light source. It can be of a different color or the same color, but the source of its projection is different and it is not as strong. And when I say reflected light i mean the light that is reflected from one colored object onto another.
 Step 3: I turn off the sketch layer and look at my colors. Their shapes and the overall form of the subject.  this is usually where I take a break for about an hour or two. Go smoke some cigs play some video games read a book or work on a different painting.
Step 4: When I come back with a fresh vision I examine the painting and begin to "sculpt" pushing the colors to the contrast and the forms I want them to be. This painting is not done yet and unless I get like 400 people saying they want me to finish it I'm not going to because it will take me forever and I have almost completely lost interest in it.


  1. Her nipples look weird.

  2. Why thank you for you mamarical observation kind sir or madam. Nipples are quite weird in general so... ill just leave it at that.